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FOWSP is a volunteer group of 292 families, with a mutual interest in the conservation and rehabilitation of native bushland in the Warrandyte State Park.  Formed in 1982, FOWSP is now one of the largest and most active “Friends” groups in the state.

The aim of our group is to foster awareness of the natural values of the Park and to assist the Rangers in the care and protection of both the State Park and the Warrandyte-Kinglake Nature Conservation Reserve.  Our Group also runs an indigenous plant nursery in the Pound Bend area of the Park.  We also provide information on indigenous plants, weeds and various aspects of bushland conservation to our local community.

Your donation can help FOWSP!  Please have a look at the following page to see if you can help us financially.

What follows is a brief statement from Friends of Warrandyte State Park (FOWSP), in response to the recent reports and articles concerning discharge from Parks Victoria Warrandyte workcentre.

"On Thursday, 7th January, Friends of Warrandyte State Park (FOWSP) became aware of a report concerning chemical and herbicide release from the 'wash-down' facility at the Park Victoria workcentre at Pound Bend, Warrandyte.

We have not sighted the report. We are not aware of any negative impact to the environment as detailed in the report - there is no out-of-the-ordinary, dead vegetation downhill of the 'wash-down' facility. We would, of-course, be greatly concerned, if this were the case.

FOWSP enjoys a close working relationship with the Rangers who operate from the Pound Bend workcentre. Their concern for safety and the environment, are not only paramount, but their job. As such, we do not believe that any of their staff would knowingly be a party to the actions in the aforementioned report.

FOWSP Committee of Management".

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