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Page title - Frogland
  • Weeds to Wildflowers

    Frogland is a special area that has been converted from a weed infested bog (1992) to an indigenous plant garden, a home for frogs, lizards and many small creatures.

    Picture yourself in 1992 overlooking a boggy paddock full of grassy weeds.  With a vision of restoring the area, Friends of Warrandyte State Park (FOWSP) volunteers and Parks Victoria rangers set about creating Frogland together.

    The first job was to improve the health of the habitat.  This was done by rangers reshaping the landscape and volunteers planting indigenous species to slow the flow of nutrient rich water.  Plants included aquatic and water-fringing species, such as sedges (Carex species).  These plants filter water running from the road and nursery, creating a healthier habitat for other species to grow.

    Today the area is home to over 125 indigenous plant species (2018), a substantial increase from the 33 species counted in 1997.  In late winter and spring, keen eyes will spot local native orchids propagated at FOWSP nursery.

    Unwanted visitors including deer, rabbits and kangaroos have also been fenced out since 2017, The ponds have filled with many plant species, becoming ephemeral wetlands and important frog habitat.

    Frogland is now a valuable community educational resource that Friends of Warrandyte State Park will continue to nurture into the future.

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