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Working at the Nursery
  • Sale of indigenous plants to the local community, general public, conservation groups and re-vegetation companies
  • Conservation of rare and threatened species
  • Collection of seeds
  • Propagation of indigenous plants
  • Educating the public on local flora and fauna
  • Providing of expertise and advice on planting
  • Nursery repairs and maintenance
  • Providing nursery facilities to other Landcare groups
  • Monitoring rare and endangered species
  • Provision of local province plants
  • Having a great time every Thursday with other nursery enthusiasts
  • Helping stabilising & re-vegetating areas burnt out in Kinglake, Strathewen and St Andrews.


  • Research on flora and fauna
  • Educational seminars
  • Participation in Clean up Australia Day
  • Warrandyte Festival
  • Warrandyte monthly markets
  • Plant identification
  • Anti-litter campaigns
  • Planting days in schools
  • Building nest boxes for possums
  • Research on rare and endangered species.
Removing Watsonia


  • Fauna counts
  • Study of Eltham Copper Butterfly and Imperial Butterfly: location and lifecycle
  • Weed and vermin control
  • Rubbish removal and recycling
  • Erecting coupes for endangered species
  • Assisting other Friends groups
  • Mapping of weeds for removal with Park Rangers
  • Working with community groups on special projects
  • Flora and fauna identification and recording
  • Weed control using canoes on the Yarra River
  • Providing social activities and group support.
Black and white Tiger Moth



For a list of our current scheduled Activites, click here.