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Over the past couple of years, the FOWSP Committee has undertaken an active program of infrastructure improvements, particularly for our indigenous nursery.   Some of the items are set to improve the working conditions of volunteers and staff at the nursery; some to ensure we have adequate space for various stages of plant growth; and some to improve reliability of our systems.  We have thus far undertaken these projects out of our own pocket, in keeping with our philisophy of independance of sponsorship from commercial organisations.  In addition to these capital projects, our on-going costs have also dramatically increased over the past couple of years.

Our committee has considered a number of options to increase revenue to cover operating costs, including increasing the price of plants; membership etc.   Instead, we have decided to try a program of asking for financial donations to help cover costs for specific projects.

Our more recent projects include:

  • Replacement river water pump - $7300
  • Replacement plant display frames - $1,700
  • Backup nursery water storage tank - $2,500

How can you help?  You can make a financial donation when you renew your membership; make a financial donation NOW, using the form at the bottom of this page.

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