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Page title - What We Do


Working at the Nursery

Originally created in 1992, from a weed-infested bog, to an indigenous plant garden, home to frogs, lizards, and many small creatures.   Click here for more information.


  • Sale of indigenous plants to the local community, general public, conservation groups and re-vegetation companies
  • Conservation of rare and threatened species
  • Collection of seeds
  • Propagation of indigenous plants
  • Educating the public on local flora and fauna
  • Providing of expertise and advice on planting
  • Nursery repairs and maintenance
  • Providing nursery facilities to other Landcare groups
  • Monitoring rare and endangered species
  • Provision of local province plants
  • Having a great time every Thursday with other nursery enthusiasts
  • Helping stabilising & re-vegetating areas burnt out in Kinglake, Strathewen and St Andrews.


For three years, around 2010, FOWSP, in conjunction with Melbourne Water, Warrandyte Community Bank Branch of the Bendigo Bank, and Yarra RiverKeeper, ran a series of anti-litter poster competitions with local primary schools.  Click here to find-out more about the competitions, and view the finalists' posters.

Removing Watsonia

Planting Guide

Based on the digitisation of the Flora of Warrandyte, this project allows to you to select indigenous plants, based on selected criteria, eg. flowers when; flower colour; plant type; and uses.  Click here for more.

Pollinator Garden

The health of bushland depends upon insect pollinators; without this free service many plant species would be lost.  Click here for more information.

Flora of Warrandyte

A digitisation of the book, Flora of Warrandyte.  Here, you can view information on the various indigenous species found in Warrandyte State Park.  Click here for more.


Black and white Tiger Moth
  • Research on flora and fauna
  • Educational seminars
  • Participation in Clean up Australia Day
  • Warrandyte Festival
  • Warrandyte monthly markets
  • Plant identification
  • Anti-litter campaigns
  • Planting days in schools
  • Building nest boxes for possums
  • Research on rare and endangered species.


  • Fauna counts
  • Study of Eltham Copper Butterfly and Imperial Butterfly: location and lifecycle
  • Weed and vermin control
  • Rubbish removal and recycling
  • Erecting coupes for endangered species
  • Assisting other Friends groups
  • Mapping of weeds for removal with Park Rangers
  • Working with community groups on special projects
  • Flora and fauna identification and recording
  • Weed control using canoes on the Yarra River
  • Providing social activities and group support.


  • Flora of Warrandyte
  • Discover Warrandyte