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Before we begin...

Hi, and welcome to our on-line Planting Guide.  The work you are about to see is the culmination of effort of a number of people, who volunteered their time to bring this product to you.   Please respect and acknowledge their efforts when reproducing information from our pages.

The Flora represented here, is indigenous to the various areas of the Warrandyte State Park, and is derrived from the FOWSP publication “Flora of Warrandyte” (1999).  This on-line guide is an extension of another FOWSP publication, the “Gardner's Guide to Indigenous Planting in Warrandyte and Surrounding Areas”.  Most of the species contained here are available from our Nursery, either off-the-shelf, or by Order.


  • The book “Flora of Warrandyte” was written and compiled by Pat Coupar and David Van Bockel,
    and completed in 1999.
  • Database engine and scripting written by Jason Patton, in 2009.
  • Additional flora information added by many people...continually.

Clicking ‘Continue’ will open a new browser window.  Thank you for taking the time to read the information above.  Please enjoy our work...