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  • Burgan, a Small Birds Haven

    Burgan provides small birds with shelter, shade, and a smorgasbord of food for all tastes.

    The fine-leaved shrubs in this section of Frogland are Burgan (Kunzea leptospermoides).  Their dense shrubby foliage provides excellent protection for small birds.

    Burgan's twigs, leaves and bark are valuable nest materials.  The dense structure also provides a home for insects which are attracted to the Burgan flowers’ nectar.  Burgan is an important resource for insect-eating birds such as Grey Fantails, Silvereyes, Golden Whistlers and Red-browed Finches.   Honeyeaters love the nectar as well.

    How can I attract small birds to my garden?

    To attract small birds, aim to plant small thickets throughout your garden, close enough to allow small birds access between them, Plant in groups and ensure there is a diverse structure including grasses, shrubs and trees.

    Choose plants that provide resources at different times of year.  For example, Correas and Common Heath flower in autumn, Grevilleas and Wattles over winter and spring, Burgan and Teatrees in late spring and Sweet Bursaria in summer.  Include some berry-producing plants for the fruit-eaters such as parrots.   Try Prickly Currant-bush, Kangaroo Apple or Native Raspberry.  Provide a mosaic of grasses for the seed-eaters.  Lastly, if there is space, add some canopy eucalypts for the treetop dwellers and to provide shade and shelter.

    How to attract birds to your garden?  Birds in Backyards has the answers.

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