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  • Weeds to Wildflowers
  • A Rare Find

    Frogland Reduces Pressure on Rare Indigenous Plants

    Many of the species planted in Frogland are rare or threatened locally, regionally or state-wide.  They are propagated and planted here for safekeeping, enjoyment and education.  Having them growing so close to the Nursery also allows us to monitor when seed is ready and to collect it at the optimal time.

    The seed collected from these plants is then grown to supplement both the original wild and Frogland populations.  More plants grown from seed, rather than from cuttings or division, means a more diverse gene pool.  This diversity of genes is especially important in a time of climate change and potentially more extreme conditions.

    The remaining wild population can therefore drop their seed naturally and, all being well, germinate, grow and increase their populations without being stressed by taking of seeds and cuttings. A bigger population attracts more pollinators to help produce more seed.

    Any excess plants produced at FOWSP's nursery are used to enrich existing populations or create new populations in the Park and nearby, under the custodianship of Rangers, FOWSP members, Landcare groups and local residents.

    To get involved, contact the Friends of Warrandyte State Park

    List of plants in Frogland, and their rarity.

  • Natural Water Filtration
  • Burgan, a Small Birds Haven
  • Tranquil Settings to Raise a Family